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Getting to know your Councillors
Maureen Williams
Gordon Cupper
Vice Chair
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Who’s who on the Parish Council Your Parish Council is made up of members elected from your local community to represent your views, wants and needs, They cannot represent you unless you let them know those views, wants and needs so it is important that you know who they are and how to communicate with them other than at the Parish Council meetings.  Get to know them, and contact them over anything over which you have concerns.They are there for you Awaiting Photo Awaiting Photo Awaiting Photo
Jackie Bromley
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Ron James
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John Walker
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Jerry Cummins
Anne Evans
Noel Knight
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Kevin Phillips
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Your District Councillor and Member of Parliament Whitbourne Parish is in the Bringsty Ward of Herefordshire Council and the North Herefordshire parliamentary constituency and represented by:
Nigel Shaw
District Councillor
Member of Parliament
Bill Wiggin MP
Tel: 020 7219 8175
House of Commons London SW1A 0AA
Tel:01886 821 403
Innmentor design 01886 880952
Email: wigginb@parliament.uk
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Peter Wood